Rocket Loop


Reach as many planets as possible by using their gravity to build up momentum and launch your rocket. Avoid asteroids, aliens and black holes as you swing from planet to planet.


FunnyStoryHa 2 weeks ago

Mechanics Game Graphics
I feel i can play it longer if you can fix/add this stuuf:
- Graphic is too simple, try to improve background and planets a bit maybe
- Rework successful 'land' sound. Maybe get 4-5 similar sounds with different tonalities and play it if player lands from planet to planet very fast
- There has to be some sound for rocket boost (when you hold your finger)
- Rocket customization (skins)
- Video ad after first try is not that good
But gameplay core is very good and addictive.

shlippy 2 weeks ago

Thanks for the feedback. There shouldn't be an advert after the first try...will have to look into that. I will have a look at changing the sounds too. Anyway thanks for the tips

eternalgamestudio 2 weeks ago

Controls Game Graphics
I really like the the art style and how simple it is, my gripe with it is that it needs more color. I can't play games that are all gloomy like that. This is the same reason that I installed re-shade on PUBG, that game is way too gloomy! Obviously this isn't the way everyone feels but it would keep me from wanting to play your game again.

- Game seems too hard, I got a high score of 5 so far
- I got a video ad after first play as well
- Add an option to share in-game
- I like the constant tutorial

Overall decent game but my problem with it is that there are 50 more games of this style in the marketplace right now, I don't know what the genre is called maybe "gravity jumpers"? or "planet hoppers"? Unless this is your first or second game I recommend trying to think of something a little more unique or if you're going to enter into an existing type of game, move the bar up.

Roast my game please?

shlippy 2 weeks ago

Thanks very much for the feedback. The colours are quite neutral at the beginning but it gets more colourful further on. Alltough at the minute it might be too difficult to get there. I tried some of those planet hopper games but they control much different to my game. Is there any i should have a look at? Thanks again for the feedback, I will have a go of your game now.
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