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Smintheus is a 2D puzzle adventure game with crafting and survival RPG elements GameplayHybrid of classical puzzle , adventure and old school RPG genres with some experimental gameplay twists.  Smintheus involves linear exploration, fighting against enemies, talking to different characters, having quests and solving puzzles both in classical way and Smintheus way, which is all about crafting gadgets and placing them at right place and right time. Main villain, who'll appear from time to time, will provide major challenge and boost up game's stealth mechanic at certain moments. ExploreSubmerge into wacky and bizarre world of Smintheus inspired by golden era cartoons. On your way you'll meet a lot of traps and other kinds of dangerous obstacles and meet various quirky characters that will introduce you to the game plot.  Craft GadgetsSmintheus core feature is crafting. You can craft different gadgets that will either aid you against hostile environment or help you solve puzzles and avoid obstacles. Solve PuzzlesEncounter classical puzzles with box moving, pressure plate triggering and switch toggling. With addition to that, you'll meet unique puzzles that will involve gadget crafting, enemy manipulation, stealth mechanics and other crafty things unique to certain levels. FightPrepare for some beating! Various tools like pipe wrench and offensive gadgets such as bear trap will be your main tactical solution against hostile creatures that inhabit the world of Smintheus.  Game is full of secrets and cultural references of past and modern times. Versatile settings will help you to adjust game however you want it. Although game offers relatively slow gameplay experience it grants ability to change game speed. For controls, you can use keyboard or joystick or even mouse. Could be used all controls at the same time if that's your wish.Story IntroGerald the mouse, a young craftsman was forced to leave his home village due to danger emanating from the local dweller, Lanky the cat. The cat simply became obsessed with destroying the poor mouse without giving any explanations for his hateful desire. With failed attempts to fight the cat there was nothing left to do for Gerald but to run away for his life...  Beta This beta version is specially released for playtesting. Since it's still under development I decided to cut on game levels thus leaving first 8 introduction levels.  The rest of game works fine, at least it should. If you encounter any bugs then post them here, in commentary section. If you'll have app crash then check out "error_log.txt" in game folder and post its contents as well. Make sure you check in-game Options. Game provides versatile customization, tweak it to your needs.  Walking through the beta should take 1 hour in average. It's possible to do speedrun in 20 minutes.  The most important thing is your feedback. The game's not ideal so I need that feedback to make it better. I really want to know what you think about this game. Post your thoughts, suggestions, critics or simply your impressions - I'll be glad to read them. Have a nice gameplay experience! :)  

Spook Troop

Spook Troop is a game where you fight an endless onslaught of enemies that get progressively harder as you go. It is a fast-paced and twitch reaction game that requires the player to think and act/react fast to what is shown on screen! Compete against your family and friends for the high-score! Has anyone been able to defeat all bosses yet?You control a red-haired boy and a pink-haired girl as they run away from a pair of huge white hands. On the way, enemies come down from the top of the screen - Which you need to defeat in order to stay alive, as your health bars gradually depletes -, and the more you defeat, the more varied the enemies become. Each player also has a weapon meter, which once filled, will drop one of 4 weapons available for each character (for a total of 8 weapons) . Every ~50 enemies defeated, the players have to defeat one of eight bosses, each with different attack patterns and movement types. Once the boss has been defeated, the players advance to the next of one of the four stages. Each of the stages has a different set of enemies and different backgrounds and sweet NES-styled synthesized tracks. Once you finish all stages, the game loops - but the enemies take more damage to be killed, so it's an extra challenge. In multiplayer co-op, the players are able to revive each other by simply killing enough enemies and filling a revive bar. While on single player, the player does not have that hability, but all of the weapons are available.• Fast paced, twitch-reaction retro game• Awesome 8-bit NES style soundtrack• Inspired by many arcade and videogame classics• Different roster of enemies and bosses• The only ads in the game are in the loading screen, no in-app purchasesFollow the game on Facebook for art, announcement and gameplays!