Qwerty Road


Use the top row of your keyboard to launch cars into the air to save the lives of pedestrians crossing the Qwerty Road. 

This project is currently a work in progress so there are currently only 10 days and there are a few bugs and missing features.


- Optimisation
- More shops and houses will be added to the scene


arkusnexus-mindlabs 2 years ago

Level Design Mechanics
The concept was pretty interesting to explore, but a couple of things puzzled me:
- Why is the combo system dependant on how many cars were lifted simultaneously instead of an ongoing combo?
- Why is it one hit, and game over; feels bad man.
- The same nature of having multiple lanes and the only way to stop them is with keyboard presses, presents a mechanical interface problem; some keyboards don't allow for so many presses at a time, so it kind of makes the player feel frustrated and gated by hardware.

On the plus side:

I had fun with the general concept, but when I started adding a "risk" or "close call" kind of incentive in my head it made it much better; by this I mean where I let a car pass that barely missed a pedestrian, feels good man.

Looking forward to what comes up next!

jimlacube 2 years ago

Thanks for playing the game, I'm glad you enjoyed some aspects of the game.

The combo system definitely needs some work at the moment it is just based on getting five hits within an amount of time.

Just out of curiosity how many keys could you hit at once?

I also agree with the one life scenario I should add some more lives to give new players a chance to experience more of the game.

Thanks for the critique

arkusnexus-mindlabs 2 years ago

For my scenario, it was 4, though I could swear that trying to do a particular set of keys it can be less.

Ryunigia 2 years ago

Mechanics Controls
Great mechanic idea shoving the cars out of the way by pressing corresponding keys could totally work.
The art style although works as well, simple but works.

Praising aside i get the 10 controls idea but if not totally rebindable (4 presets?) i would suggest the better binding atleast for me would be: qwervnuiop.
still 10 lanes the dotted lines helped but when rush hour started cars started sneaking past, or i would mis the lane.. (also maybe it could help to alternate a color for each lane?).

Some ideas:
Some cool ideas as well is that you instead of having 10 jumpers have some kind of lane switchers? having different ways of "rerouting" the cars could be a nice polish.
Also have you considered or planning to do this on music ritme? that could be cool.
Cars that maybe take up 2 lanes?

... not much of roast i guess :\

jimlacube 2 years ago

Thanks for the feedback,

As far as rebinding keys goes I wanted to keep the controls to the top row of the keyboard as I find it it fits well with the ten lanes. I understand people wanting to be able to fully change the control so I may add a separate option that will allow the player to choose any key bindings.

I guess I could add slight changes in colour to the lanes to help distinguish the lanes from each other.

I'm glad you liked the game.
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