Space Explorer


Very simple arcade-like game.Shoot enemies and upgrade your ship to explore the universe.That's it ;) 

Beta version. 

-sound effects
- graphics
-more enemies
-more boss
-some more graphics (I know...)


2boysa40 1 month ago

Mechanics Level Design
Very good considering the simplicity, but i noticed a flaw - you progress too often, I feel.
it seems that you kill a handful of enemies, then level up, whereas I would rather kill lots of enemies per level, then select multiple upgrades at the end of bigger levels. perhaps that is more preference than anything

and the gun does overheat a bit quickly initially, but this problem is somewhat phased out upon getting upgrades later on - only somewhat though I feel.

also I think 360 degree shooting should be implemented

however, I feel there is a good, diverse variety of enemies and bosses. They all have unique features such as different ways they behave and shoot. I think that's imperative for a game like this otherwise it gets boring, which yours doesn't

overall 6/10, good attempt :)
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