In a dystopian future where earth is controlled by robots, lead an uprising and reclaim the world for humanity in this fast-paced, strategic top-down shooter.
Development is about 50% done. It's completely playable through two chapters, the first of which has a finished boss. Several more chapters are planned. There's no story implemented yet, but there will be eventually.
Any and all feedback is totally appreciated. Whatever you do, don't sugarcoat it. I want to know what you hate about the game. Anyone who records a video of their playthrough gets a free copy of the game when it's released on steam in a few months, just comment and i'll email it to you or something.
WINDOWS SMARTSCREEN INFO. As with most obscure indie games (i remember it happening with deltarune), chrome and windows will try to block the download, thinking that it's a virus. On the chrome download, click the little arrow on it and it should bring up an option to download it. On SmartScreen, click "learn more", and there should be an option to run the installer. If my instructions are bad, just google it, you'll find a better explanation. Sorry for the inconvenience.

More levels, more enemies, more music, more sprites. lots of the current sprites are placeholders.


GamerBoyAdvanced 1 year ago

Level Design Game Graphics
-Is reload not taught in first arena?
-Didn't know first arena was training, was trying to conserve bullets, didn't know it was practice to be honest
-I have ultrawide screen 3440x1440 and UI text is in middle of my screen, obscuring screen, can play, just annoying
-Text is also huge
-No real feedback for getting hit except for character coloration, but I'm focusing on game/shooting. Then I die and it feels like I wasn't even getting hit.
-Maybe add sound effect, that is audible within the mix, or screen shake of some sort
-Is there no point in trying to not die? I just respawn close by right?
-The wall blaster that has red line needs a charge-up animation so I know when to dodge it
-Grenade throw needs to be remapped to different key, I can't walk and aim a grenade while using my fingers from walk controls
-Can't see enemies off-screen
-Can't tell what gun I have out, too similar
-Slowing down while getting shot is annoying, how can I get away from damage if as they damage me I'm getting slower?

Left after first boss with overall feeling of frustration. It killed me basically instantly while it was offscreen.

adog312 1 year ago

Thank you so much for the feedback! I'll address all of your complaints/suggestions, everything you said was pretty much valid. Would you mind sending a screenshot of what the game looks like at that resolution?

Red_Phantom_RP 9 months ago

Controls Tutorial/Learning Curve
The only graphics I liked were the main character and the grenades explosion.
Apart from that the graphics were pretty poor.
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