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In a dystopian future where earth is controlled by robots, lead an uprising and reclaim the world for humanity in this fast-paced, strategic top-down shooter.Development is about 50% done. It's completely playable through two chapters, the first of which has a finished boss. Several more chapters are planned. There's no story implemented yet, but there will be eventually.Any and all feedback is totally appreciated. Whatever you do, don't sugarcoat it. I want to know what you hate about the game. Anyone who records a video of their playthrough gets a free copy of the game when it's released on steam in a few months, just comment and i'll email it to you or something.WINDOWS SMARTSCREEN INFO. As with most obscure indie games (i remember it happening with deltarune), chrome and windows will try to block the download, thinking that it's a virus. On the chrome download, click the little arrow on it and it should bring up an option to download it. On SmartScreen, click "learn more", and there should be an option to run the installer. If my instructions are bad, just google it, you'll find a better explanation. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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okay, keeping in mind the whole point of this site is providing criticism that's not sugarcoated. the graphics are awful. obvious tiling, there are like two textures, there are overlapping textures, there are random images everywhere. the level design is terrible, you're walking through a very linear maze with no clear objective. level design is also really important to the graphics, you need to have props and stuff. there needs to be stuff to look at. there's really no gameplay. the game is confusing. i got to the room with the four walls, each with one image on it, and i walked into one at random, having no idea what was going on. again, there's no objective. the sound effects aren't scary, you gotta have SOMETHING visual if you wanna scare me. the buttons on the menu don't react when you mouse over them, there are no tiny visual effects or transitions for anything. the game has a weird aspect ratio. sprinting is too fast, especially for a horror game, where timing is incredibly important. there might have been one i missed, but it needs a dpi slider if it doesn't have one already. the audio sliders are nice, they're smooth and change the sound in real time. i like those. again, seeing as it's a horror game, you might want to just have one audio slider, because sound effects are really important. if i turn the music off, the game doesn't even feel like it's supposed to be scary, because it relies on music. have better portal things. at least have a fade to/from black, idk. the portal things feel really weird.
please remember my first sentence. this is pretty good for your first game.

3 years ago

this looks like an asset dump, and a blatant knockoff of subway surfers/that other game with the indana jones aesthetics

3 years ago

this isn't licensed, right?

3 years ago

It's not legal and might get taken down.

3 years ago

Thank you so much for the feedback! I'll address all of your complaints/suggestions, everything you said was pretty much valid. Would you mind sending a screenshot of what the game looks like at that resolution?

3 years ago

The Path of Terror