Ultimate Madness Tower Defense


Ultimate Madness Tower Defense - game in the genre Tower Defense. You need defend your castle from many kinds enemies, using your fingers, weapons and super abilities. You have to tap and kill all enemy. Ballista and ammunition will help you in this war! You need to properly dispose of their wealth. We may lose the battle, but not the war!
Features of the game:
- beautiful graphic design in the style of comics
- four map with different backgrounds
- thirty levels of complexity. When you kill enemies you get experience, more experience increases your level
- more ten types enemies (warrior, jetwarrior, giants, UFO, etc.)
- four ways to kill them (tap, tap and throw up,tap and hit the ground)
- two weapons (ballista and cannon)
- ten super abilities (laser, saw, press, blast, bomb, cow, spikes, etc.)
- endless game mode
- more than 17 types of achievements
- the presence of the bosses at levels


factory02 3 months ago

Game Graphics Controls
Hi there,
just played your game on Android Kazam Trooper 450L (4,5 inch screen size, so).

The pros :

- The overall ambiance and immersion in the environment of the game is sucessful.
- The game graphics are very well styled.
- The soundtrack fit well with the game.
- The UI and screens are very intuitive.

The cons (to be improved from my point of view) :

- The controls are a bit difficult to handle, I see multiple reasons :
-- the little sprites are too small, sometimes fail to hit them, REALLY,
-- the height of the game zone is a bit too short for the ground enemies to be thrown in the air and the flying saucers : I feel that you could gain a lot of gaming zone by reducing the bottom UI drastically, your UI zone is about 1/3 or 2/5 of the screen height wich seems a lot to me.
- That means the bottom UI (the UI) could be optimized to have perhaps a "full screen" gaming zone.
- I haven't seen "waves", I saw something like a boss but was not sure the wave has ended or not - waves are not clear - countdown to end the level is not clear, if exists :)
- The icons for "weapons" and "super ability" could be more meaningful.

Well, that's all for now :)

Have fun and success with your game, dont hesitate to roast ours :)
Roast Em


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