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Walk the corridors of the subway to steal passers-by and make the best score. Flee and avoid police officers at all stations.   RedHanded is a brand new open beta test game. Play the game and leave us your comments.   STRONG POINTS - Easy controls. 1 button per action. - Steal and be careful not to be seen or caught. - 3 stations to be tested. - Lots of improvements coming. CHARACTERISTICS - Simple and intuitive movement controls, easy to use. - 3 free cards to go. - Move tile by tile in the subway, run away, hide on benches, steal.   RedHanded is a beta-test game. Play to make the best score and leave us your comments!   YOU CAN SEND US YOUR COMMENTS HERE: Http://redhanded.factory02.com/article/beta-testers-feedback

Game Graphics Controls

Hi there,
just played your game on Android Kazam Trooper 450L (4,5 inch screen size, so).

The pros :

- The overall ambiance and immersion in the environment of the game is sucessful.
- The game graphics are very well styled.
- The soundtrack fit well with the game.
- The UI and screens are very intuitive.

The cons (to be improved from my point of view) :

- The controls are a bit difficult to handle, I see multiple reasons :
-- the little sprites are too small, sometimes fail to hit them, REALLY,
-- the height of the game zone is a bit too short for the ground enemies to be thrown in the air and the flying saucers : I feel that you could gain a lot of gaming zone by reducing the bottom UI drastically, your UI zone is about 1/3 or 2/5 of the screen height wich seems a lot to me.
- That means the bottom UI (the UI) could be optimized to have perhaps a "full screen" gaming zone.
- I haven't seen "waves", I saw something like a boss but was not sure the wave has ended or not - waves are not clear - countdown to end the level is not clear, if exists :)
- The icons for "weapons" and "super ability" could be more meaningful.

Well, that's all for now :)

Have fun and success with your game, dont hesitate to roast ours :)

3 months ago

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