Troll Patrol


"A Troll's Tale - Troll Patrol" is a puzzle game which combines the tile-matching and RPG genres by offering a unique experience: Play as the last defender of the threatened troll den where vicious village people and heroes from far away castles and kingdoms knock down your door.

Stand firm, take whatever weapon is close and fight them off to get your family and friends to safety. Protect what is rightfully yours, your home, your heritage. They come for blood, for revenge, to still their blood thirst. But you won't allow it.

More and more enemies pour through the broken door and by connecting them to sword tiles you can fight them off. Once you get hit you can connect potions to heal your wounds or connect shields to improve your armor. Connecting gold might lead to new treasures that help you defend what is yours and keep their filthy hands of your stuff.

Features (might be more now as more are added during the beta):
- Over 50 unlockable types of enemies
- 6 unlockable weapon types
- Endless waves of enemies
- Over 50 active and passive skills and powerups
- Leaderboards and Achievements

This game is still a beta version so there is still content missing. Stay tuned for further updates. (And it is quite unbalanced but we are getting there.)

Fixed the online highscore display after the end of a patrol.
Fixed the Discord link.
Equipment Screen: Clicking a locked button will now show what needs to be done to unlock it.
The last placeholder graphics of the enemies have been replaced now.
The highscores get updated again. But none were lost. So BardTheInsane is first place now. Congratulations.
The tutorial should now better explain the meaning of the numbers on the enemies.
Using the bomb will now disable the treasure hunter effect.
Ranged enemies are now immune to spikes.
Elementals and skeletons are now immune to sneak attacks.
Local highscores will now display how old they are.
Added a new achievement.
Collecting broken swords won't produce an error message anymore.
Ninjas now use their throwing stars.
Improved the gamepad support.

Cloud Save (automatic backup and sychronization acress devices)
Increased Difficulty
Bug fixes
Art improval
New enemies
New skills and powerups


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