''Toverhoed Classic Game'' DEMO


English ( a kind of english ); Remember Pacman? You have to take so many points as you can to go to the next level, but you can't tuch the enemie? This is in someway the same game, the enemy is chasing you while you take so many points as you can but in this game its an open field and the enemy is collecting pojnts also, in this Demo you can play 2 levels from the 100 levels we are making, Enjoy the game and if you want give us a little donation to make the game bigger and more difficult  ( if you dont want to make a donation its free to download the demo)  lets us know how you think about the demo!

IMPORTANT: its a zip file so unpack the game to play!

its possible to win the full game by this link

10 winners will get the game soon as it is releasd ( around 25 august) 

You can help to make the full game real to donate a little bit of money by this links;


In the official game there will be 100 levels, 3 lives and everytime its get more difficult to catch the points and stay away from the '' enemy''


Bermooda 6 months ago

Controls Level Design
Good job on creating this fun game. I really liked the smooth controls of the player.
I also liked the idea of the lights emitting from the side of the characters and items depending on their position across the screen.
One thing related to the UI was the fact that I had to type my name every time I won/lost. I think it's better to just type it once and the game remembers it.
Another suggestion I have is about the design; I believe the levels could get boring really soon if it's all generated like one another, Maybe a random level generator and a more challenging or complex AI system could keep the pace of the design and make the game more fun for the player.
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