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Imagine a Top-Down Football, with a bomb! Where you have to shoot the bomb at your enemy's base! Each base (or goal) has a health bar. Shoot the ball at your opponent's base to damage it and win! Avoid conceding  goals! protect your base! Aim and shoot the bomb, or dash towards it, whatever it takes to defend your base and attack your target!   USE A CONTROLLER FOR BEST EXPERIENCE Bomball created by Iman Irajdoost and Abbas Zolfaghari

Controls Level Design

Good job on creating this fun game. I really liked the smooth controls of the player.
I also liked the idea of the lights emitting from the side of the characters and items depending on their position across the screen.
One thing related to the UI was the fact that I had to type my name every time I won/lost. I think it's better to just type it once and the game remembers it.
Another suggestion I have is about the design; I believe the levels could get boring really soon if it's all generated like one another, Maybe a random level generator and a more challenging or complex AI system could keep the pace of the design and make the game more fun for the player.

10 months ago

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