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Toverhoed ''Pong game''

Just another game of ''pong'' in style of my own maded youtube animation video. enjoy it .. its more fun then play with your dick when your girl/boy friend is not at home.

''Toverhoed'' Thums up

There was a time that many '' Youtubers'' disliked eachother and friends liked your video as a kind of fight, this is exactly the same reach 500 likes before the dislikes distroy the video!

''Toverhoed Classic Game'' DEMO

English ( a kind of english ); Remember Pacman? You have to take so many points as you can to go to the next level, but you can't tuch the enemie? This is in someway the same game, the enemy is chasing you while you take so many points as you can but in this game its an open field and the enemy is collecting pojnts also, in this Demo you can play 2 levels from the 100 levels we are making, Enjoy the game and if you want give us a little donation to make the game bigger and more difficult  ( if you dont want to make a donation its free to download the demo)  lets us know how you think about the demo!IMPORTANT: its a zip file so unpack the game to play!    


its for a friend of my who's a streamer on twitch (realy he's realy good)because he do always his best and it go's great he wanted something like flappybird so ive maked it for him! if you play this one let me know what you think!    

Controls Game Graphics

the game graphics and choice of colors are so not good.

4 years ago
Game Graphics Level Design

havent download it, im going do it tomorrow but realy your video makes it a kind of cool! so im hyped :)

4 years ago

Haha thank-you! :)

4 years ago

Bite The Bullet

''Toverhoed Classic Game'' DEMO