Time Waster


You have to be that bored to play this game. Literally, nothing special here. If you don't know how to spend your precious time on earth, give this game a try and see if you can get as many clicks in a row as you can!

Creator's Note: This is my first publicly released game ever and as I am still learning to code and working with game engines such as Unity, I decided to create a small and simple game. I just wanted to see what releasing a game is like. As I said, I am still learning and this game is just a little experiment. Never meant to be taken seriously. But to be honest, it was actually pretty fun to make! My next games will be "better" as I'm constantly getting more and more experience and knowledge from doing these little projects. If you want a "real", "serious" game, stay tuned for my next release!


JoseanCastillo 7 months ago

Game Graphics
What a funny, artistically great, waste of time!!! :) :) :)

SLeeP 7 months ago

Game Graphics
Love the art. Probably took way too much time

Asthalis 7 months ago

Game Graphics Story/Writing/Dialogue
Hey ! You succeeded in making me waste some of my time !
Love the graphics but I hoped a little reward after 99999 clicks... I may be wrong, this is not the spirit of that game !
By the way, is the "graphic glitch" on the last unlocked button deliberate ?
Hope to see more games of yours

RisWorks 7 months ago

I wasted time to roast this waste of time game.

wulirocks 7 months ago

What a great use of my time!

MikeBtheLegend 5 months ago

UI Graphics Level Design
The game is cool for being such a simple game because it's a good example of a click based game. The game is easy but could have more levels and it could have more to do if it was expanded.
Roast Em

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