The Ruin


An RPG with meaningful choices. Average playtime is around 1-2 hours. Probobly around 5 for the completionist. I posted this game on gamejolt and itch.io back in April of this year and am currently working on the sequel. This game shines in its story which is the part I focused on the most. Please leave some feedback so I can implement it in some other games I make!


Stranger_Concepts 1 year ago

Story/Writing/Dialogue Level Design
I liked the animated intro. I also liked that the characters have voice-overs, it does add to the game, however the level design is lacking alot of detail and character. The houses in town are just walls with doors, no windows and no roof. The mazes are just walls and floor. An improvement would be to add details to the walls of mazes, like cracks, holes, skeletons, etc. and make the houses in town look like houses with windows and a roof. The inside of building should also have more detail. The shop is just a square room with a man in it.
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