The Fixies Helicopter Masters


The Masters are back!
This time The Fixies will ride a helicopter, join them!

There are many breakages around the city and all of them need to be fixed!

The fastest way to get to the breakage is by helicopter - and you can build one yourself!
Choose from different shapes and colors.

All The Fixies can fly a helicopter! Choose the character to play for free or watch ads and go!
(we filter ads but if you face an inappropriate one, please let us know via email support@devgameou.com)

Be careful on your way and avoid balloons, wires and other obstacles. The Fixies should get to the spot safe and sound!

Got to the place? Get to work! Use tools to repair different home appliances: microwave ovens, TVs, vacuum cleaners and others.

This is not just fun, it's an educational game that develops acumen and intelligence! Think wide and enjoy the process, who said we can't repair anything without parents?
Download the game and prove otherwise!

Contact us: support@devgameou.com
Stay tuned: https://www.facebook.com/DEVGAME.Kids
Our website: https://devgameou.com


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