Team Fleet is a Sci-Fi third person action space shooter in the vain of games like “Subspace: Continuum”, “Star Trek: Star-fleet  Command” or “Star Control”.   It will be primarily multiplayer with players being able to host private and public matches. It will offer mainly team based play with some free-for-all modes. There are planned to be around twenty ships flyable on release, with possibilities for more after release.

Just uploaded a new patch, this one has a few minor fixes and an additional feature that has been needed for a while. The first fleshed out game mode, Deathmatch with time or score limit. Below is a short list of notable changes.   Fix: Remote shield effect not propagating over network. Fix: Score text color when ship hit text displayed. Fix: Join game, host items not easily selectable. Fix: Join game, host items not snapping properly. Added Deathmatch game mode. Added In game match stats window.

The next patch should include teams, and possibly more equipment options for ships. Until then have fun and please remember to report any bugs you find, and if you enjoy the game please spread the word. Thank You.


Alienplay 1 year ago

Game Graphics UI Graphics
Things I like:
- Very cool idea (these smaller levels and floaty controls could make for a very fun experience with friends)
- Customization feature
- Graphics

Things I don't like:
- Registration (I think you should add a guest option, if that's possible)
- Font when registering is hard to read
- I think you should move that accept / agree button in the lower part of the menu instead of keeping it in the upper right corner (at least this is what I got used to, it's a small issue but I thought I'd mention it)
- Engine by default (you should probably set a default engine just to make sure that player can, at least, move. I didn't even notice that engine icon in a customization menu the first time I started the game and I was wondering why I couldn't move)

I wish you best of luck!

shindig82 1 year ago

Thanks, this is great feedback. Probably have everything you mentioned implemented, though not sure about moving the accept button just yet.
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