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Link It Up!

Link It Up! is a puzzle platforming game. In this game you need to link up the line in a way that allows you to reach the end of the level.Link It Up! features 30 levels that include interesting puzzles as well as cool platforming challenges.I'm specificaly interested in what do you think about game's learning curve and it's level design.Link It Up! is meant to be a free, web game and it's meant to be somewhat accessible.Play the game here: e3Sgz%

Game Graphics UI Graphics

Things I like:
- Very cool idea (these smaller levels and floaty controls could make for a very fun experience with friends)
- Customization feature
- Graphics

Things I don't like:
- Registration (I think you should add a guest option, if that's possible)
- Font when registering is hard to read
- I think you should move that accept / agree button in the lower part of the menu instead of keeping it in the upper right corner (at least this is what I got used to, it's a small issue but I thought I'd mention it)
- Engine by default (you should probably set a default engine just to make sure that player can, at least, move. I didn't even notice that engine icon in a customization menu the first time I started the game and I was wondering why I couldn't move)

I wish you best of luck!

1 year ago
Mechanics Animation

Things I liked:
- Graphics
- Drifting sound is cool
- Camera shaking when collision happens
- Visual effects on Collision look nice, although I'm not sure if they fit the art style
- Sound effects in general (I think that engine sound needs some improvements though)

Things I didn't like:
- Weird and unexpected camera movements (camera was going up and down constantly and sometimes it was hard to see in front because camera was slowly moving down. I get that you were trying to make it more cinematic or something but I think you should make the camera position fixed and add an option to change it's position)

1 year ago

Thanks for feedback! :)

1 year ago

Awesome! Thanks! :)
Can you tell me which controls and why you didn't like them?

1 year ago

Ok. Thanks for clarifying! :)

1 year ago

Great! Thanks for feedback! :D

1 year ago
Game Graphics Controls

Cool game!
Physics are fine in my opinion, it just took some time for me to understand that meteor will slow down when it's close to the thing you're hooked on.
Controls are a bit weird though. I think you should use Left click instead of Space or at least make them both usable.
Other than that, I don't think screen should move up as fast as it does, and also, for some reason it was very satisfying to let go of Space and bounce off the ground :) so you can maybe use that in your level design idk

1 year ago

Unnamed Racing Game