Subway Kiddy Runner


Welcome to Subway Surfers from School 3D race, the ultimate Jungle escape & kiddy runner race experience where you all just need escape from school and to run away on subways from the school teacher. The faster you run and avoid obstacles, the more points you will get in this offline S.u.b.w.a.y R.u.n.n.e.r game. The primary focus in this new kiddy surf game is to escape from the school teacher and run on S.u.b.w.a.y R.u.n.n.e.r, you have to surf trains, jump obstacles and traps in front of you during endless runner. Once you will play GameNaxa games you will definitely find it one of the best subway track runner games among all others available on the play store.

Subway Surfers - Escape From School 3D Race Features:

- 5 different themes to escape through
- Lots of upgrades and collectibles
- 15 amazing 3D characters to choose
- Randomly generated surf levels

Just Download this S.u.b.w.a.y R.u.n.n.e.r - Escape From School 3D Race and enjoy endless running and surfing though the train tracks offline for free. Best of luck Runners.!

Optimised for best performance.  

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PakistaniGammer 3 years ago

Game Graphics
Subway kiddy runner is good quality game

Ayush_Dutt1 3 years ago

Good game man
Good work.
G3 Rule

PakistaniGammer 3 years ago

Thanks for your feedback .plz download and install it for once check out our other games for roast my games

FluffyUnicorn201 3 years ago

Game Graphics Animation
I love the graphics of the game. However i would like to see the animation run more smooth

PakistaniGammer 3 years ago

Thanks For feedback and for suggestion we will improve it soon

jeonhi 3 years ago

Story/Writing/Dialogue Story/Writing/Dialogue
More effort in YT videos(its all good,also more audio longer duration) good project

PakistaniGammer 3 years ago

Thank you we will consider your feedback


NAITIK-singh-coder-944 2 years ago

Game Graphics
Good game I like it so much
Roast Em