Steadfast Demo


Steadfast is both an epic, high fantasy adventure game and an intimate story of hope, courage, and love. You will play as twins, Talon and Ayla, in search of their kidnapped father. On your quest, you will meet many colorful characters, experience beautiful landscapes, battle dangerous enemies, and unravel ancient mysteries of their world.

This is our demo.


malvunction 11 months ago

Game Graphics Mechanics
The game looks and feels alright, but the attacking is ambiguous at best, and the AI needs a lot of work in the form of a navmesh or something. If the controls for the stale battle system are fixed and the AI gets better then the game becomes twice as enjoyable.

UnknownEvil 11 months ago

Good game, love the concept. I got some screenshots :)
I like the dialogue and it was my least favorite thing if that tells you anything.
A couple things you might need to fix though:

Game stopped here (but animation on the river was still going):
Goblins like to follow the other people:
Exit to menu and come back:
Apples! (probably not a bug):

ilen-ce 11 months ago

Game Graphics UI Graphics
look good but the music stuck in my head, try another one.

bearvanilla 11 months ago

Game Graphics Mechanics
I like how your game looks a lot. It's very simple and charming.

Things I suggest:
- Change the font of the text. It's hard to easily read.
- It would be nice to know when I can dash again. Maybe make a bar indicating it charging up for use again.
- Pause game when in inventory menu.
- Make the attack animation and collider bigger. It feels really hard fighting and it makes it less engaging , for me at least.

turnaroundgames 11 months ago

Game Graphics Tutorial/Learning Curve
I thought the game was fun, but stopped playing quite early in as I got stuck.

* The sound for the text was annoying and the text slightly unreadable - however the aesthetic of the text was good.
* should dash trigger on space down or up? I feel down might be more typical
* it looked like moving diagonally was quicker than orthogonality
* it crashed (screen froze) when I tried dashing into a rock over and over
* the cut scene and camera pan when the goblins were first introduced was really nicely done
* the first fight with the goblins is too hard (I kept dying here so stopped playing)
* it would be nice if the game paused on the inventory menu

pixeledo 9 months ago

Game Graphics Mechanics
If I just click through to skip all the text it paused for a while like it was waiting for the text to complete, maybe a bug.

The fighting was not very fun. Felt like I was just sitting there and clicking since it felt like you had to be very close to hit enemies. Maybe have a animation with swinging the weapon where you can hit enemies further away so you can move around and dodge attacks and hit enemies easier. It is also semi confusing that the speed burst button and attack button are the same? I assume because you can't do them at the same time but is still confusing if you are expecting the other action.

It seemed like we were walking for too long before anything meaningful happened.
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