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terminal sickness

A story driven text adventure following a mother's survival after the outbreak of a global pandemic.You play a female protagonist in a non-linear, text based adventure. The world is detailed, interactive and very dark.  

Game Graphics Tutorial/Learning Curve

I thought the game was fun, but stopped playing quite early in as I got stuck.

* The sound for the text was annoying and the text slightly unreadable - however the aesthetic of the text was good.
* should dash trigger on space down or up? I feel down might be more typical
* it looked like moving diagonally was quicker than orthogonality
* it crashed (screen froze) when I tried dashing into a rock over and over
* the cut scene and camera pan when the goblins were first introduced was really nicely done
* the first fight with the goblins is too hard (I kept dying here so stopped playing)
* it would be nice if the game paused on the inventory menu

11 months ago

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