Spiny Spin Game


A retro style game I attempted to make. The controls are the basic Arrow Keys and the WSDA keys. Took more time than it should of lol.


milobrandt 3 weeks ago

Mechanics Controls
I was a bit confused for half a second before I figured out how to move - but I was quite happy to see that this was a game where the stage rotates around me - I was expecting some sort of platformer, but this mechanic is way better and reminds me of those wooden tilting maze toys. I think to play into this strength, it'd be good to design levels thinking about momentum and making the player see the level from different angles (in a literal way, I suppose).

I'm not exactly sure what the controls are doing - it feel like movement in the game is a some combination of rotation and actual directly shifting the character around and that the direct shifts aren't consistent. My guess is that what's happening is that the stage is rotating around some fixed pivot while the player remains constant - which leads to the perception of linear motion for the player when they are far from the pivot. Likely, this could be improved by making it so that the stage always pivots around the player (or moving the player along with the stage - which is roughly equivalent). This might also let the levels work better - I wanted to try going through the spiny obstacles in the third level, but I couldn't really get myself off of the outside.

(Also, I'm not sure this is hosted how you meant it to be - the link just gave me a folder and I had to run a server on localhost to play it; not a huge deal if one is used to these things, but it'd probably be better to host it online. I'm pretty sure itch.io offers free hosting of unity games, though I've never personally used it)

MrBreadGames 3 weeks ago

Thanks for that constructive feedback :)

Your totally right about those wooden tilting toys, that was basically my inspiration for it and it looked easy to do. The movement is just simple as there's a pivot point and you rotate from left or right, trying to get the ball to the end goal. Finally the game is made to be played in browser and you can on New Grounds and Itch.io, but I didn't know how to do do if for this site. I've tried to make more complex levels live mazes etc, but the ball just phases through some obstacles and that defeats the point of the level.

Thanks again :)
Roast Em


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