Screen-Warp, the Portal Fangame


Screen-warp is a 2D Portal fan game that I made roughly a month ago. I did my best to try and create new and different mechanics despite it being a fan game.


BoulignyGames 1 year ago

Mechanics Controls
Big fan of level 8, it really made you think with the block on the right about how the edge of a screen is not an edge but a portal. Great puzzle
Big fan of level 10, you had to take the block in gravity and use it to get back over that litle wall on the ceiling and also run toward the key so you could make it. Then take the block and put it on the pad and finish. It was a great teaser.

Level 5 bypassed the spikes with a good jump and just went to the exit.

My main problem with the game is actually the 2d. Its the best part about it too. The block gets stuck on walls and in strange places sometimes, on level 3 or 4 i think i had to reset because of it Mainly because the block can be accidentally pushed and you have to restart a puzzle over sometimes because of it. I did this on level 11 and it was just a little annoying but having a side step button or some clear way to walk through the block would be great.

Overall I liked it. Great job.

Lab_Rat 1 year ago

Thank you for the feedback, I really appreciate it!

Yeah, I'll be first to admit that the blocks are easily the buggiest thing in the game. They actually were really hard to make because normally the player controller that I was using wasn't able to stand on physics objects, so I had to make a weird amalgamation of physics object and collision boxes. One thing I will say however is the box shouldn't get stuck on walls, you can actually push the block from the side to pop it out of corners. I don't blame you for not knowing that though, a lot of people I had play test it had the same problem. It does definitely have a few places it gets stuck in however, and unfortunately that's to do with the physics engine, especially on tilemaps which I used heavily do to time constraints.

Thank you for enjoying my game! I'll definitely take into consideration the problems in this project in the next game I make.
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