Roopit and Boopit


Co-Op single-screen combat puzzle game.

Roopit, the red player, can shoot the length of the screen in horizontal and verticle directions.

Boopit, the blue player, can attack in a short-range arch, but shields while not attacking.

There are 5 Worlds of 10 levels each.  With a Boss Fight at the end of each!

Xbox controller supported.

Solo player mode supported.


WOOO!!  :D


So, now its time to market!!

I'm going to put this game on steam as well, as a learning experience.

I don't really think it will be hugely financially successful, but it will be good to have in my portfolio and the whole experience has been a lot of fun and taught me a lot!

The full version of the game will up on Itch for free for now, however I'm going to put a $2-$3 price on it once it is up on steam (most likely for the same price)

You can try it here!


The creation (fun) part is over, but there is still much work to be done!

My next big thing other then steam, is getting an updated trailer.  Not gonna lie, that feels like a lot of work, but it will be worth it.

Also, I'm thinking of doing a few more YouTube videos and maybe a stream.

Thanks for keeping up with my journey, and thanks for all the feedback and support!  :)

Have a great day!


unrealthing 1 month ago

Mechanics Animation
the playstyle is very cool but the monsters animation is kinda weird, if you fix that it is good!

TheSneaK 1 month ago

Thanks for the Roast! :D
Would you mind if I asked which World you were playing? I would like to redo some of the enemy animations, I'm interested in which ones you found specifically weird so I can attack them first!

Have a good day! :)

SepiGamedev 1 day ago

Game Graphics
I liked the animations a lot haha. Specialy that thing that vomits worms or whatever they are. All the graphics are weird and I love them haha

TheSneaK 23 hours ago

I was a bit worried that the graphics would be a weak point since its the first time ive made them myself!

So your comment is very encouraging for me! :) I'm glad you like the quirkyness!
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