Roopit and Boopit


Co-Op single-screen combat puzzle game.

Roopit, the red player, can shoot the length of the screen in horizontal and verticle directions.

Boopit, the blue player, can attack in a short-range arch, but shields while not attacking.

There are 5 Worlds of 10 levels each.  With a Boss Fight at the end of each!

Xbox controller supported.

Solo player mode supported.

Roopit and Boopit is now available on Steam!  :)

Thanks so much to everyone who has been following and supporting me through the development process!


unrealthing 4 months ago

Mechanics Animation
the playstyle is very cool but the monsters animation is kinda weird, if you fix that it is good!

TheSneaK 4 months ago

Thanks for the Roast! :D
Would you mind if I asked which World you were playing? I would like to redo some of the enemy animations, I'm interested in which ones you found specifically weird so I can attack them first!

Have a good day! :)

SepiGamedev 3 months ago

Game Graphics
I liked the animations a lot haha. Specialy that thing that vomits worms or whatever they are. All the graphics are weird and I love them haha

TheSneaK 3 months ago

I was a bit worried that the graphics would be a weak point since its the first time ive made them myself!

So your comment is very encouraging for me! :) I'm glad you like the quirkyness!
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