Project GunsBritannica (Overhaul)


Its a 1st Person Kungfu Shooter

  •  The final game will be a bit like Bayonetta as a 90s style First Person Shooter.
  • The combat is about fighting and fast movement, and unlocking powerful attacks with button combos.
  •  For now its just a prototype with placeholder art and sound.
  • Movement controls are typical FPS, mouse and keyboard inputs.
  • So far its a Windows only build.
  • Just download the 29 MB zip file, click the executable in the folder & you're good to go!

This is an overhaul of the combat mechanics.


bmegana 1 year ago

Controls Animation
+ It was satisfying to destroy the enemies.
+ I liked having the variety of weapons to shoot.
- That said, I didn't really have a reason to use the spells, as I didn't run out of ammo.
- An issue that I think should really be worked on is the enemies telegraphing their attacks, more specifically the blue enemy's laser beam. At times, I felt like that I didn't have enough time to react before the blue enemy shot its laser, even though I was looking directly at the enemy. This would immediately bring my health down, and in the worst case, instantly kill me. This may be the same for the orange enemy, though not as severe.
+ On the bright side, I liked being able to immediately fight that same enemy again after I died, so dying wasn't too big of a punishment.

So likewise, I hope the feedback helps. If you decide to expand on this, I'll be the one to say that a Monster Hunter like 90s FPS sounds like an interesting concept.

M0N0_M4N 1 year ago

Thank you so much for the reply, I've been having something of a feedback drought lately XD.

I've taken note of everything you've said and I'll get to work on it

You're not the only one who complained about telegraphs, or spells, I'd better figure those out coz I understand how important it is to telegraph enemy attacks and support my own gameplay features.

Thanks again, and good luck to you!

P.S Sorry I couldn't try your game with my xbox controller (usb cable died on me).

Toolkitz 1 year ago

Controls UI Graphics

Pretty good concept you got. I would've preferred to play with a controller because it's uncomfortable to play with mouse and keyboard.

Some issues:
- One of my gripes with this game is the enemies are sometimes too strong, mainly the orange enemies. I think the 4th one made me rage quit because he was just so strong, he could kill you in 2-3 hits.
- I did not realize that cross was my health bar. I would prefer a traditional horizontal bar.
- Magic didn't work for me. Tutorial said I should hold down RMB to fill a bar. I never saw a bar nor did I ever see an effect of whatever magic I was suppose to have.

Some compliments:
- Despite no controller support, the controls were nice to use. I like that you have the option to change the view distance and sensitivity of the mouse.
- Attacking was pretty straight forward and not too complicated.
- I like the enemy designs where you have to destroy armor and then the flashing orbs before you can kill them. I like how different enemies have their own strategies of attack.
- Tutorial was simple and to the point, though at first I was confused about pointing my marker at the orbs. Thought I had to shoot it.

Overall: Pretty nice game concept.

M0N0_M4N 1 year ago

Thanks for the reply and the feedback, really means alot to me.

I was actually adding controller support to the game when my USB cable died on me (last month I think it was), sorry I couldn't add that for you.

Enemy strength does need tuning for sure, I think as the developer I've become insensitive to certain difficulty because I'm always testing, you're not the only one who complained there.

I should have put it in there that spells only work with guns (not the saw blade or the bazooka), my apologies there.
Spells overall do need work.

I'm glad you liked it. `I'm definitely taking your feedback on board. Thanks again.


pkjak 1 year ago

Mechanics Controls
First, the small things - weapon switching is sort of buggy - the enemies start weirdly chopping sometimes, the projectiles are choppy too. Does Time.timeScale not slow down these properly? I also had some sort of weird crash or something once, when the time stayed very slow and everything was choppy and laggy. Basically there could be something something wrong with how you slow down time.

Add some information on controls at least here in the description. I had no idea how to use spells and so I never did, only here in the comments I notice you're supposed to hold down right mouse click. Add a message when the game is over (I assume that after the fight with 2 enemies at once it's over? Because the game just kept saving and loading in the empty arena for me after that). I also had There's probably lots of other things.

Now the important stuff - the movement is a bit too fast and way too responsive in my opinion. I like fast fps games, but this is too much. I'd slow it down. Most of all, the acceleration is too fast, and the player has too much control while in air. There should be a noticeable difference in how the game feels when you do something like a sprint/jump, and normal play. If you insist on this type of super fast game, then make the maps larger and the jumps even higher.

Mechanics/enemies/etc. - now this part isn't a relative weakness of the game, but it's an fps and it's very important in these, so I'll mention it. As far as the enemies go, their attacks are varied enough, but the defense against them is too much the same - move away, strafe to the side, sometimes jump. I'd try to do something that forces the player to have more varied movement - something that forces the player to react to where the enemy is more. Right now, it's a bit too easy in some sense to dodge and not take damage - the only hard part are the very sensitive controls. You could also add something that rewards risks like moving closer to the enemy etc. - at the moment, I had no incentive to ever do so.

The weapons feel pretty good and are quite varied. Some of them take up too much space on the screen. The effects for them should be more interesting, but that might fall into the category of art, so maybe I shouldn't judge that.

I would have chosen the favorite aspect as AI, but I don't see it as an option. It seems to work well and without any issues. The enemies have a good amount of variety in their attacks etc. and they all do them properly, without any issues, which made the game experience far more interesting for me.

M0N0_M4N 1 year ago

Thank you for your response man, much appreciated, I actually thought no one else was going to even look at this again.

M0N0_M4N 1 year ago

I just tried your game out (love the menu by the way).
Your swinging mechanic is hard to get the hang of.
I think the platforms might be too low or maybe it needs a simpler level. But the flow is not quite there.
I think it might also be the fact that swinging with the two mouse buttons aswell as arrow keys and the space bar is too much input to have to use.
If you've ever played the Amazing Spiderman games, I think they used holding and releasing to implement swinging.
If you could hold and release one button it might be easier.
Aiming to get your rope to a ledge is also pretty taxing mid swing because gravity doesn't help much (nothing wrong with it, it functions but design wise it doesn't work, its too easy to click the wrong button).
Other wise all your mechanics work functionally, no bugs on my end (Windows build) and your level background looks nice, again well done on the menu.

Daniel_Frost 5 months ago

Mechanics Game Graphics
I think I like this game. I personally haven't played Bayonetta cause' it did not appeal to me at all. But your game is something else. I like how you can look down and shoot to just jump really high(you might not have intended that). It really made some moments. Especially against the bosses. I would jump super high and send a thousand bullets raining on them. It might sound like that might be too easy but the projectiles just don't shoot. They have a trajectory that you have to master. So it was super fun. I personally was like maybe I should steal this idea and make my own game(not going to btw. Too much work). That is the main reason why I choose Mechanics as my favorite aspect. But please do take note that you have give an encouraging factor for the player to pull out those flashy moves.

Now on the Game Graphics. I am not saying the 90's art style is not fitting or anything. In fact, I think it was very decent. But make the graphics a bit recognizable. I couldn't make out what the enemy was doing to me or what moves I was pulling out. But overall, a good game. Keep building on it. I will be there for it.
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