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UI Graphics UI Graphics

This was obviously a CS "inspired" game and I enjoyed it. I was looking to play some CSGO but the download speed here was horrific for that. So this cured that itch. Thanks :). But there are lots of work that needs to be done. The first and most obvious is your marketing skills. Now you might not be looking to earn some funds but putting "FPS multiplayer shooter..." really repels people to play this game. Work on that cause' you need to earn some money for 3 years of work. Now for problems with the game:

-Bloody Gun Glitch: When a gun with blood spilled on it is taken, the whole player model and the gun model sort of starts to flash.

-Display Driver Crash:- This happened when I tried to join a server that required me to download the map "Map Magic". This crashed my display driver.

-Next up is the full screen. I mean, those borders in the bottom and top of the screen are sort of unattractive. Try to do something about that.

-Next up is the HUD. It was really confusing. I did not know whether I was in spectator mode one whole match. Just change it so that the spectator mode shows something distinctive while the gameplay mode shows something distinctive from spectator mode(Good example is CS. A bezel is shown at the top and bottom of the screen while the gameplay mode is full screen.)

-A bot just walked straight through the ground. Maybe it spawned midway through the ground but let's just say it was funny when a head was just wandering around the map randomly

-Last up, a game-breaking glitch. I randomly started flying when I joined a server full of bots(map: Assault). I could look up and move in any direction. It seemed as if the gravity on the Rigidbody was negated. I think it might have switched with spectator mode or something. So yeah, fix that.

Overall a good game

P.S:- I wanted to say improve Bot A.I but knowing how much of a pain it is, I won't ask...

6 days ago
Physics Mechanics

Bruh, this game has potential. Not from the perspective of the market, but from the perspective of a good game that complies with a standard. You only have a bit more to do like making the menu screen more polished, and overall making the game navigatable. I found out the game to be quite difficult to navigate. The A.I of the opponents can definitely improve.

3 days ago

I also forgot to mention the Camera. Another previous thread did mention it.

3 days ago
Mechanics Game Graphics

I think I like this game. I personally haven't played Bayonetta cause' it did not appeal to me at all. But your game is something else. I like how you can look down and shoot to just jump really high(you might not have intended that). It really made some moments. Especially against the bosses. I would jump super high and send a thousand bullets raining on them. It might sound like that might be too easy but the projectiles just don't shoot. They have a trajectory that you have to master. So it was super fun. I personally was like maybe I should steal this idea and make my own game(not going to btw. Too much work). That is the main reason why I choose Mechanics as my favorite aspect. But please do take note that you have give an encouraging factor for the player to pull out those flashy moves.

Now on the Game Graphics. I am not saying the 90's art style is not fitting or anything. In fact, I think it was very decent. But make the graphics a bit recognizable. I couldn't make out what the enemy was doing to me or what moves I was pulling out. But overall, a good game. Keep building on it. I will be there for it.

3 days ago

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