PolyGuild Adventurers


Discord: https://discord.gg/8CmeY8Pz7J   PC Verison Here ===> https://varcon.itch.io/polyguildadventurers PcVerison Graphics are no different then the quest 2 and quest 3 ill change all that at  a later date.   Explore "PolyGuild Adventurers," an early access multiplayer VR RPG where offline and online play unite. Dive into a small open-world, offering crafting, quests, and limitless adventure.   Craft your path: Gather resources from cutting trees, collecting herbs, mining, and skinning animals. Use these materials to craft weapons, armor, and accessories tailored to your crafting skills.   Adventure awaits: Join the Adventurer's Guild, tackle challenging quests, battle bandits, and uncover hidden treasures in the open world. Explore the vast map and embark on an epic journey.   Companions by your side: Experience the joy of companionship with loyal pets. Engage in battles, level up your pets, and unlock new companions as you progress.   Powerful perks: Ascend to new strengths with a limitless perk system. Gain random perks upon leveling up, enhancing your character's abilities without limits.   Conquer dungeons: Face fearsome bosses in challenging dungeons, earn valuable rewards, and unearth hidden treasures that could change your destiny.   Diverse gameplay: Choose from three modes—Wave Survival, Infinite Dungeon, or Adventure mode—to shape your unique adventure. Survive, conquer, or explore at your own pace.   PolyGuild Adventurers beckons you to a VR RPG experience like no other. Unleash your potential, forge your destiny, and become the ultimate adventurer in this captivating world. The choice is yours.


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