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Medieval Baker

The game plays like lemonade stand. You have to create your recipe, buy ingredients and sell your bread. The type of flour you use will also impact the quality of your bread, wheat gives the best quality but is expensive, rye gives medium quality and barley low (but cheap). The better your recipe is the more your reputation will grow and the more customers you will get.

Game Graphics Mechanics

The graphics and music are great. You did a really good job with the atmosphere I think.
The problem is that the mechanics of the game are too simplistic and repetitive.
It doesn't seem like there is a strategy involved and it's just "punch bad guy/buy upgrades".

2 years ago
Controls Mechanics

Too simplistic.
It would be nice to have a score system.
It also seems like there is no loosing mechanic, I stayed on the other ball for a while and nothing really happen.
I think making a match system where, for example, the first player that gets 3 points win.
That would give the player more feedback and motivation and would improve the game and make it more interesting to play.

2 years ago
Game Graphics Controls

The gameplay is simple but it works.
The graphics are pretty good, I love the music.

The controls are ok but I think the game would feel a lot better if they were a little bit tighter and not so floaty.

2 years ago
Game Graphics Controls

Reminds me a lot of descent.
I like the simple graphics and the atmosphere in general.
You really get a claustrophobic/lost feeling. The music is great too.

I enjoyed the gameplay, my only problem is that the controls are a little bit too loose.
I understand that it's a space game and you are trying to give that feeling of floating but I think the game would gain if it had slightly tighter controls.

2 years ago

Thank you for your feedback.
I am working on a tutorial that will be in the next version.

2 years ago

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