Plucklings is a randomly generated, top-down strategy game inspired by the 'Pikmin' series. You gather your plucklings, attack hostile wildlife and let them carry the remains back to your base. Beat the game by collecting all the lost ship parts around the map.
The game is still in development and will be released after I've gotten some more feedback, removed the bugs and maybe added some more features.

Here are the controls (in case you weren't able to figure them out for yourself):

WASD - Movement

LMB - Select plucklings

RMB - Grab and throw plucklings

SPACE - Control you plucklings

E - Pluck buried plucklings

Q - Save the game close to the spaceship

R - End the game (if you have all of the ship parts and stand close to the spaceship, that is)

T - Skip to the next day (if the time is between 9 pm and 6 am while standing close to the spaceship)

If your oxygen meter is at 0, you'll start to lose health. Increase it by carrying dead organisms around the map back to your ship.

...And here's a link:

Feel free to comment on whatever you come across while playing. Cheers!


RoyalTeaTime 3 years ago

Tutorial/Learning Curve Mechanics
First Really nice game, I played every pikmin game and this is for sure really similar. You adapted the mechanics for the 2d view really well. But I came across some weird bugs. Plucking counting like they were carrying something while they are meters away. Monster getting stuck at really low health. plucking turning non-stop. Think you got some bug fixing before working on anything else. The graphics and animations are really great though same for the sounds. The learning curve and tutorial are well made and easy to understand, but I don't know for people who did not play pikmin before this may seem a bit strange. Really Good overall. Keep working :)

Guurd 3 years ago

Thank you for playing and critiquing my game! My main goal for this project was originally to adapt the first pikmin game to a 2D view (not only because I thought it'd be a fair challange but also because I really enjoy playing the pikmin games), so I'm glad I managed to adapt it properly. I currently in the working on squashing the last bugs I can find, which of course makes your playing experience ever so helpful, but I'm slightly confused regarding the two last bugs you mentioned. Would you care to elaborate on how the bug appeared and how it affected the gameplay.

Thank you!

RoyalTeaTime 3 years ago

Okay the first was like sometimes, when throwing pluckings on anything, monsters or objects alike, the counter would go up, but the plucking who just like stay beside me, or the contrary where I throw a plucking and he counters go up, but he just get stuck in the others plucking. I don't really know how to explain it. The main issue is that I got difficulty to get the 5th plucking on an object for example or that in the final a single plucking would bring an object that requires five cause the 4 others are glitch somewhere. Don't know why it happens. Seem to do it with anything.

Sometimes, when fighting a creature, it's like the creature dies, it stop fighting back, stop moving and all. But it's not in death state, it still got like a 1/16 of it's health and my pluckings can't get it to finish it. Don't know what cause this either. Maybe the health value jumping to negative instead of zero, skipping the death state part. Really don't know, seem pretty random.

And the turning plucking is more of a visual bug, when a plucking is carrying something, like he was trying to face of the very middle of the object he is carrying he just turn on himself indefinitely ( still moving and doing is action, it's just that the sprites is turning non stop.)

Keep the good work going. You got something pretty cool going :)
If you could take 15 min of your time and try my little game that would be very nice of you, if you have
some time to spare.
Roast Em