"Join the adventure of Orbs and start an uphill journey towards an exotic destination!"

Hi, everybody

We are a small team of two indie developers working on a few personal game projects. Recently, we have released a new update for our first game, “ORBDASH”, which was published on itch.io a while ago. We want to sincerely ask you to visit our page and help us with some feedback or if you even have some spare time, just kindly download our game and try it.

“ORBDASH” is free (although you can donate whatever amount if you like) and can be installed on Windows x64, x32, and Mac. Your feedback is a burning torch in the heart of darkness that leads us to a more insightful approach concerning our next updates and future projects. We’d love to know what you think even if you hate it.

Thank you in advance and wish you all health and wealth.

New Features:

- More optimized gameplay

- Smoother flow

- Better physics

- Hourglass timer added

- Shield's deactivation warning added

- Save/Load system added

- And more...


WeirdDemonGames 1 month ago

Mechanics UI Graphics
-the gameplay is fun,
-sometimes visually confusing
-the trailer is way too long.

Overall great game :) Keep working and it'll be awesome

Abbas 1 month ago


Thank you for the roast. You are right. This was the first game we made and UI graphics need to improve in our next works. Also, trailers will be shorter yet interesting. You did a great favor to us with your feedback.

I see you have two more projects plus Dumpling R' Tough. Would like to try them too when possible.

OrfeasWorldGamesStudio 1 month ago

Mechanics Game Graphics
I Really Like The Mechanics, The Controls And Everything You Putted There!
You Need To Work More On The Game Graphics, That Would Be Really COOL! Great Game Anyways, And A Very interesting Concept. 8/10

Can you Roast Our Games Too?

Abbas 1 month ago

Thank you, my friend.

Your feedback means a lot to us. We definitely work harder on the graphics aspect for future projects. I'd also like to check out your game(s) soon and get back with some hot roast. In the meantime, please know that we're setting up a co-op bundle on itch.io with an agreed revenue among the participants. If you have any completed (and preferably paid) game(s) on itch.io, please feel free to join our bundle. Looking forward to your thoughts.

coffeefee 3 weeks ago

Level Design Controls
i like the game but could you make it available on vr thanks

Abbas 2 weeks ago

Thank you for your feedback. Unfortunately, at this point, we don't have access to VR equipment so there's no way we can test and make sure everything works fine. The currently available versions are for Windows (x64 & x32) and Mac.

Ayush_Dutt1 2 weeks ago

Game Graphics
Good game graphics.
Good going...

Abbas 2 weeks ago

Thanks for the roast. It really helps us find out how people feel about our work and what we can do next to improve further. I checked your page and saw you have a couple of games. Will return with some feedback after I play for a while.

Ayush_Dutt1 2 weeks ago

Welcome, and thanks for checking my profile page... This game you made is a good working game with 0% lag and smooth game controls, and the concept of the game is really great...
Good work...
Roast Em


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