Mysteries of Shaola: The Cave


Mysteries of Shaola: The Cave is a role-playing game that brings mystery elements to the fantasy genre. Fight through the Kazen Kingdom and uncover the truth of the mysterious cave. Discover secrets, build your legend and ultimately confront the corrupt force in this new chronicle of Shaola.

  • Minor balancing to the gameplay and battles
  • Further enhancement to the scenes and dialogues
  • Minor revising to the relationship and interaction between main characters
  • A few story scenes and plots have been carefully enhanced to bring each character to life
  • 2 minor graphic issues have been fixed
  • 2 minor movement and passability errors have been fixed
  • 5 confusing instructions and dialogues in the Southern Plains have been removed or replaced for better clarity on where to go next
  • Minor modification to the enemies, spoils, level rewards and game difficulty
  • A few cutscenes have been modified
  • Minor tweaks to the monsters, spoils and game balance
  • Energizer's value and effectiveness have been reduced for balance purpose
  • Minor changes and improvement to the main characters and NPCs’ dialogues
  • Some melodies and sound effects have been added and/or improved, especially on important scenes or characters’ reactions
  • Minor enhancement to the characters’ graphics
  • A few stats have been tweaked to balance out the game
  • All major bugs and glitches have been fixed

Get in touch and stay update at Shaola official website, home of the Shaola series: ShaolaRPG.com


Poofy 1 year ago

Controls Game Graphics
it looks like a nintendo ds game but worse
Roast Em

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