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This is basically my first game. I am a huge fan of memes and so i decided to add a meme theme to my game. Hope you'll like it and please review my game as its my first game and i open handedly welcome your reviews , suggestions , feedbacks or even roasts.


sman 9 months ago

UI Graphics Level Design
Very, very simple game but that is to be expected if it is your first game. It works well enough for what it is. The memes theme was a kinda unique idea but I don't really know what else to say as there is not that much to the game.

My suggestion for you is that you should try making a second mode where the computer generates a random number and you have to try to guess it and it will tell you if you need to go higher or lower. That could make the game a little more interesting. Regardless it isn't bad for your first game (certainly better than my first game) and you'll be able to use everything you learned when making your second game.

desaibhishman 9 months ago

Will definitely make a second mode having player to guess the number.
Thanks for roasting it really helps and motivates

sman 9 months ago

of course!

InvadeTech 5 months ago

Game Graphics Mechanics
Yeah, not much to game play. Actually I think the game is playing you. It's the one guessing.

It's not really a game. sman is right, you should make it so you guess the computer's number. ALTHOUGH, it'd would be pretty easy to take this and make a dice game out of it. For example, when you click a button, it would pick a random number between 1 and 6 and there could be a Die graphic that visually displays the chosen number. Before you press the button to pick the random die number, you could place a bet using a variable to store how much money you start off with and then placing that money on either a number with higher returns or on Odds or Evens with a 150% return.

So if you bet 50 coins and you picked the number 4 and click the button, if the number chosen is not 4 then you loose 50 coins. If the number is 4 then you get 100 coins.

If you bet 50 coins and you pick Odds, click the button and the number chosen is 1, 3, or 5, then you get 75 coins. If the number is 2, 4, or 6 then you loose 50 coins.

Otherwise, some easy changes would be to go into the Project settings and set the default icon for the exe of your game.

I know it's been 4 months since you uploaded this, but I'd like to see a second game! :D
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