Megacorp: Redux


You are a mercenary hired by a megacorporation to get confidential data from a rival megacorporation. Will you achieve your goal?   Based on a 1987 conversational game, with an updated interface with AGS.


HiltonNunes 2 months ago

Game Graphics
I like the old style graphics, super retro. nice.

JoseanCastillo 2 months ago

Thank. Hope the story likes it too.

Faust90 5 days ago

Story/Writing/Dialogue UI Graphics
This game is really good. I don't understand if is a full fan remaster of an old text based game or just a tribute.

While the game itself is old school to the root, I think that a tutorial section for the old UI would be a nice to have. Also, I think the menu should always be visibile.

JoseanCastillo 1 day ago

Thanks for your comment!!! I appreciate it!!!
About the game, it is mainly based on a conversational game (you had to write the commands, instead of the current click-and-play system) but using the A.G.S. graphic adventure system. In fact, it is a kind of remake, keeping the graphics (from an Amstrad CPC 464 (64k), in which, the game was loaded from a cassette!), keeping mainly the original story but adding some details, as far as the original game could be too short with the AGS interface.

I agree about the needing for a tutorial section. Though the AGS interface is quite intuitive, It is necessary. People commented the same about my other click-and-play game, "Outbreak: The warehouse". In my new click-and-play project, I have already in mind adding a small tutorial about the interface and game mechanics.
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