Martian Killing


I'm mainly interested in feedback regarding the game feel and mechanics.

  1. Do you think it's easy (or could be with a little practice) to determine where the enemies are coming from? 
  2. Did you understand how each enemy behaves? if not, wich one?
  3. Did you feel like you were hit in an unfair way? How? 
  4. How do you feel about having to spam the shoot buttons? Can you achieve a consistent fire rate? 
  5. Do you think adding a special action like a dash or supershot would make the game more enjoyable? Do you have any creative ideas?
  6. Please share your highscores and levels. 

If you have any aditional feedback you want to share, please do. Probably the worst parts are the visuals and audio, so feel free to sugest any ideas to improve it, just keep in mind it must be kept simple, I'm not an artist o audio designer.

Thank you for your time! 


Mike 1 year ago

Mechanics Mechanics
This is really good.

- The wide variety of enemies
- Pacing
- Graphics
- Sounds
- Tutorial. The first screen shows everything.

Needs improvement:
- Progression: It would be nice to get some power-ups from time to time, like new weapons or a shield. Right now, it feels really unrewarding to survive all these crazy attacks without getting something from them.
- The red laser, followed by a super fast enemy, was very hard for me to evade. It might be a little too hard.
- Please add an option to set the sound volume. Changing my system volume to play a web game doesn't seem right.

To your questions:
1. I think difficulty is good.
2. yes.
3. Not really. Maybe the red laser fast enemy.
4. It didn't feel perfect. Maybe holding to keep shooting or using different weapons could make it more fun.
5. yes.
6. Level 3, score 1100. (Sorry, I don't have much time.)

MiniGameDev 10 months ago

Mechanics Game Graphics
I really like this! It's a good take on oldschool arcade games. I enjoyed the different enemies and how each one has a tell when they're going to come onscreen. It makes it very skill based rather than being about luck.

Needs Improvement:
I think the graphics and animations need work. Destroying enemies doesn't have much weight. I think adding camera shake or maybe some warp effects like geometry wars would add a lot.

It's hard to tell how many lives I have left. I'm focused on the game, so looking away to check lives is a little jarring. It's also hard to tell what level I'm on. I think if the level number comes up overlaying the game during a small break, it would feel like I'm achieving more.

Answering your questions:
1. Determining where enemies are coming from is pretty easy and fair.
2. Yes, I was able to tell which enemies did what immediately.
3. No. The game felt pretty balanced. My only suggestion here is to have a delay between levels to give a small break to the payer.
4. I had no problem clicking the fire buttons, but I can definitely see some users having trouble. I think an option for toggling fire would be a great accessibility feature. Then tapping each arrow button would just change the firing direction.
5. I think a special action could unbalance the game. Adding in a powerup that has to be collected with a time limit would be beneficial.
6. Level 3
Roast Em