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Super Game Dev

Super Game Dev is a retro platformer game built for August's Godot Wild Jam. It follows a game developer as they find themselves trapped in their own game world, where allies and enemies from other game projects have invaded and are now trying to stop them from fixing the bugs. To make matters worse, each time our developer collects and installs a floppy disk, new challenges arise that they must overcome to progress through the game. Are you ready to join our game developer on this epic quest? Let's get started!FeedbackThis is my first game and I'm interested in feedback on game feel and level design. It was built in a week for a game jam so it's not very polished.

Mechanics Game Graphics

I really like this! It's a good take on oldschool arcade games. I enjoyed the different enemies and how each one has a tell when they're going to come onscreen. It makes it very skill based rather than being about luck.

Needs Improvement:
I think the graphics and animations need work. Destroying enemies doesn't have much weight. I think adding camera shake or maybe some warp effects like geometry wars would add a lot.

It's hard to tell how many lives I have left. I'm focused on the game, so looking away to check lives is a little jarring. It's also hard to tell what level I'm on. I think if the level number comes up overlaying the game during a small break, it would feel like I'm achieving more.

Answering your questions:
1. Determining where enemies are coming from is pretty easy and fair.
2. Yes, I was able to tell which enemies did what immediately.
3. No. The game felt pretty balanced. My only suggestion here is to have a delay between levels to give a small break to the payer.
4. I had no problem clicking the fire buttons, but I can definitely see some users having trouble. I think an option for toggling fire would be a great accessibility feature. Then tapping each arrow button would just change the firing direction.
5. I think a special action could unbalance the game. Adding in a powerup that has to be collected with a time limit would be beneficial.
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