Kid-E-Cats Cooking Show


Welcome to the "Cooking Show" with the characters of the "Kid-E-Cats" cartoon! Here you'll find the most delicious porridge, the most unusual ingredients and the cutest well-fed kittens. No one goes hungry!
So, we begin to cook! Here's a recipe of delicious porridge from Kid-E-Cats:
- Take flakes, milk and water
- Mix everything in a large dish
- Add ingredients to the cats' taste: you can add a banana, an apple, honey and even a cucumber with fish
- Stir everything
Done! You've fed the kitten! The news about your delicious porridge will spread so quickly, you'll have hungry kittens queued up at your door!
Are you ready to feed all the kittens? Each of them will need a unique recipe!
Oh, don't forget to clean up after your little gourmands! You don't like mess, do you? You need a sponge and soap, and then we'll teach you how to wash dishes! This is the most delicious game from our Kittens! Even the smallest kids will understand how to cook in our kitchen! Download the game, put on an apron, take a spoon and let's cook!


Fisher007 11 months ago

Mechanics UI Graphics
I think this is a pretty neat game for kids. Simple but colorful visual language, straightforward but still challenging tasks (IMO kids like to do trial and error things, which is really strong in this one).
Needs most work: it only allowed to pick UI graphics. It's not bad actually, could use some extra tweaking to make it more easily readable and popping. Also, the sound design could be improved. The dialogues are a bit hard to understand and monotone. And the music, it's not terrible, but imagining hearing it for the 99th time, I would absolutely hate it. So make sure it's at least a bit less abrupt
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