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Ballpen Beat 'em Up

Ballpen, is a  beat 'em up, it challenges you to deal with several enemies that appear in waves. The more enemies you get to win more points you will get and more levels you will reach.   You will start at level 0 every time, How long can you stand for? How many enemies can you defeat?   Ballpen, Beat 'em Up has a peculiar design, it has been completely designed by hand with the typical pens we have at home in the traditional blue, black, red and green. I have wanted to represent these drawings we used to do in our notebooks to kill time when we were at school.   I hope you enjoy playing it as much as I have enjoyed developing it.


El juego me ha impresionado mucho, tiene un sistema de controles muy acertado para jugar en teléfonos.
Felicidades al autor.

4 years ago

Hello Warky,
Thanks for your comment. I'm glad that you are interested. Unfortunaly I don't believe as I be able to release the game on iOs for now. In the future I'd like to do it. But now I'm working, to release it in HTLM5, is more easy and more cheaper for me.

4 years ago

Hey Darknite9000,
I appreciate your comment on the design and animation, and i agree with you about the level desing, I know it, and I will try to improve on what I can about the design.

4 years ago

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