IIVOX | A new puzzle game


IIVOX is an old-school puzzle game with a cool twist:

-Over 35 unique levels to solve .
-Discover enemies,blocks, and new mechanics.
-Unlock new worlds and skins by beating time records!
-Simple, clean, and fun gameplay.

Thanks for reading this - looking for your feedback and anything!

-New skin.
-Bug fixes in World 3.

-New levels, skins, worlds, and other features.
-Coming to PC (steam), Iphone later on.


pandcorps 5 years ago

Mechanics Story/Writing/Dialogue
I like the artwork. The music is nice too. The moving obstacles/enemies put a twist on the traditional block sliding puzzle gameplay. It's a good game.

CoreGG 5 years ago

Thanks mate!

orionmamajama1 5 years ago

Cool game, reminds me of the ice caves in the original Pokemon games.

On my phone, Samsung Galaxy S5, there are black bars on the left and right side of the screen.

The controls felt a little cramped to me, I feel like you could create larger buttons and make them more transparent (so that you can still see the screen) or you could have a gestures where the user can swipe left, right, up and down any where on the screen but this may be a bit complicated.

Silvermedalgames 5 years ago

Game Graphics Story/Writing/Dialogue
This game definitely reminded me of the simple games I used to play in the 90's. 10/10 points for nostalgia! Same goes for the music.

One this I personally like in a game is a bit of story. The old puzzle games were not know for their stories, but I think that could be changed in a more modern "new puzzle game." :)

There is lots of polish on the game, and overall, I really enjoyed it!

Are you working on a sequel?

Roast Em

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