ice's big adventure chapter 2 (the monster king)


In ice's big adventure, you play as ice, a brave adventurer who sets out on an epic quest to save the world from an evil king. This first short gameplay video gives you a taste of the action and adventure awaiting you in this exciting game! In this video, we take a look at the ice's big adventure, a RPG game that's coming soon to windows 10 If you're a fan of RPGs, then you definitely need to check out ice's big adventure! This game is chock full of action and adventure, and you'll never want to put it down

get ready to beat some ass!

plan to add a moblie version as well.


OneManDev 1 year ago

I am playing your game it's very enjoying, please play my games and give me some valuable feedback

Craig214 1 year ago

Game Graphics Game Graphics
Are you posting these to advertise?
I would play and roast your game, I have no way of downloading it.

serjikshere 1 year ago

I am so sorry, I'm fixing it Now.
Roast Em