Harpoon Harry: Underwater action shoot'em-up


Can you survive deep in the ocean with just a spear gun?

Test your diver skills underwater as Harry or Hanna and tame the ocean filled with fish, crabs, swordfish, jellyfish and sharks with your trusty spear gun.

Fear not though, there’s some cheeky power-ups to help you out along the way!

So what are you waiting for? Hit the ocean and start taking out these fish and sharks!


- Designed for touch devices with intuitive two touch controls to swim and shoot.

- 12 action packed levels to unlock, no purchases required

- Insane boss battles at the end of each level

- Lots of cool power-ups and unlockable characters

- Cool 2D hand-drawn art style

- 5 wicked beats by Sadfish

-Added coin rewards for completing worlds
-64 bit release

-Adding new difficulty levels
-New advanced control scheme
-Global leaderboards


FlorianMarcher 4 years ago

Game Graphics Mechanics
Really hard to roast that game, its really good ,the game doesnt even look like an indie game anymore.
The game is really good casual game (even tho I dont like that sort of games)

But I managed to find something to give feedback on ^^
The bosses are too easy imo, I mostly beat them after a few seconds shooting and not paying that much attention. But maybe the easy boss is better for the "casual" feel.
I woud consider restarting the boss when you die and watch an ad. That makes the boss a bit more challenging and you cant just watch ads till you kill the boss
There are really a lot of ads, I have the feeling that the levels are build to watch ads to keep going
Are there only 12 levels? (I didnt ge to the end yet) Maybe you should add more levels or something like an endless mode etc. You can play through the existing levels in maybe 2 hours and have nothing to play after that (except replaying)

Mechanics: hard to pick something ^^
The machanics fit really good to the game, but its a bit too simple for my taste

I hope that helps :)

FlorianMarcher 4 years ago

I just had a look at your website
You should / need to have the download buttons at the start (you dont have to scroll to find them, people are lazy)
Also you should use the original "download from Playstore / IOs" icons instead of custom buttons
The scrolling screenshots dont feel good
They shoud have a changing animation and you should be able to click the buttons below to get to a specific image
Also the background doesnt fit. Maybe you could use the background from the game menu
Why can I copy the "heading link"? That appears if I hover over the Title and Subtitle on the webiste
You should remove the big black empty header bar or do something with it

Your trailer and gameplay videos on youtube are unlisted, if I go to your youtube profile, I cant see any content
The image quality of the trailer is not good and the trailer has borders
The font of the trailer text doesnt fit and is easy to overlook

jejsoft 4 years ago

Hey Florian,
Awesome feedback. Just expressed my thanks via Twitter also and @ mentioned you! ;)

We definitely need to improve the bosses, it's not the first time we've heard about it. Your point around reviving them and beating them easily is new and is something we have to think about.

Ads is also something we hear a lot about, if you're not reviving then they're much less frequent and can be skipped too. Nevertheless, we're getting feedback about that too!

There are only 12 levels but we're adding 2 more difficulty levels (+ achievements) so there'll be more to do. We have thought about a zen and endless mode. As you know each piece of scope adds to more dev time!

Regarding mechanics we wanted to keep it deliberately simple but I appreciate your comments.

Answering your next post - just amazing - between the website and unlisted videos i was cutting corners but you've caught me ;)

I'll get it all fixed up shortly. As i said in late August there will be a new release, would love to hear from you then. If you make any changes to Cado, let me know.

JEJ Soft

Otozip 4 years ago

This game is very good, I have nothing to say!

jejsoft 4 years ago

Hey Otozip!

That's far too kind! Appreciate you taking the time out to roast my game.

Please let me know about yours and i'll do the same ;)

JEJ Soft

JamzDEV 4 years ago

Physics UI Graphics
I think the game is great and fun, however, I feel that the graphics could be better (pixel-art, maybe?) and the UI (especially the bit where it tells you the controls) could help and make it look more appealing to attract more players. Hope you take this constructively and consider my points, Jamie.
Roast Em