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Slimey -- Top-down, Pixelated Arcade Shooter

This is Slimey, a brand new game of mine. Slimey is a pixelated arcade top-down shooter game where you face randomised waves of enemies (currently only 1 type) to gather coins. You will then go to the store to buy ammo, potions, and cosmetics that will give you buffs (currently only 1, the Top Hat, which increases movement speed). You will buy upgrades to your gun to make your job of killing the enemies easier. At the end, you will get a score, and can start again to try to beat that score. Currently, the game is in an early release. It will be actively updated and the final version will cost money.You can download it for free on itch.io: https://jamzdev.itch.io/slimey

Physics UI Graphics

I think the game is great and fun, however, I feel that the graphics could be better (pixel-art, maybe?) and the UI (especially the bit where it tells you the controls) could help and make it look more appealing to attract more players. Hope you take this constructively and consider my points, Jamie.

8 months ago
Controls Game Graphics

I like the idea but the graphics need a big overhaul. Overall fun though!

8 months ago
Game Graphics Controls

The art style is great, and the level design. The controls need work as I feel cramped to have to press O to shoot and L to interact. Maybe try mouse buttons? See if that's better. What's also annoying is the physics. Whenever I let go of the space bar, I fall back to the ground extremely quickly after jumping. Decrease the falling speed or whatever you use to make the player object fall? Try that. Thanks for the game :) From Jamie.

8 months ago

Thanks for the advice! I thought the sound was a bit loud too, so I'll see about turning that down. I will definitely add more ways to get ammo and more enemies into the game because that would be great. :) Thanks for the advice, Jamie.

8 months ago

Also, if you're interested, I just uploaded a new build which features a new enemy and particle effects. Thanks!

8 months ago

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