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Rotate the world to fall to the goal in an infinite amount of random generated levels. But don´t touch these red obstacles or you will die a slow and painful death and burn in hell for eternity (and respawn after that). Maybe.


A panic buy simulator where you have to get all your shopping done before everything is sold out while not infecting yourself. This is a prototype for Game Design and Development 2 2020 How to play:  You have to buy everything from your shopping list with the money you have.Other customers are trying to buy the products they need, you have to be quick to get your products.Some customers are already sick and infecting other customers. You have to stay away from them.If you get sick, the game is over.

Story/Writing/Dialogue Mechanics

Really nice game, I love the humor.

But I had some problems with the game:
I downloaded the game on the itch desktop app and when I press play, it starts the Editor.exe and not the Game.exe. That was confusing, I had to go into the folder and start the Game.exe manually.
Make sure to have an option to upscale the resolution. Playing on a 5x5cm window is not great
*I later saw that you can change the screen in the settings, a bit more flexibility would be nice tho
When I start the Game, the first message I get is that I dont have the needed font and it will use a default font even though the font is in the Gamefolder. Maybe a path is not correct.
Make it possible to skip dialog (like in real pokemon ^^)
The controls could be improved (shift for sprint, esc for exit, e for confirm, why do you use F5?, the arrow symbols are reversed and for the love of god, let me use WASD)
Hope that helps :)

1 year ago

Thanks for the feedback, glad you like it :)

I will tweak the speed / speed difference and look how it feels

1 year ago
Game Graphics Mechanics

Really hard to roast that game, its really good ,the game doesnt even look like an indie game anymore.
The game is really good casual game (even tho I dont like that sort of games)

But I managed to find something to give feedback on ^^
The bosses are too easy imo, I mostly beat them after a few seconds shooting and not paying that much attention. But maybe the easy boss is better for the "casual" feel.
I woud consider restarting the boss when you die and watch an ad. That makes the boss a bit more challenging and you cant just watch ads till you kill the boss
There are really a lot of ads, I have the feeling that the levels are build to watch ads to keep going
Are there only 12 levels? (I didnt ge to the end yet) Maybe you should add more levels or something like an endless mode etc. You can play through the existing levels in maybe 2 hours and have nothing to play after that (except replaying)

Mechanics: hard to pick something ^^
The machanics fit really good to the game, but its a bit too simple for my taste

I hope that helps :)

1 year ago

I just had a look at your website
You should / need to have the download buttons at the start (you dont have to scroll to find them, people are lazy)
Also you should use the original "download from Playstore / IOs" icons instead of custom buttons
The scrolling screenshots dont feel good
They shoud have a changing animation and you should be able to click the buttons below to get to a specific image
Also the background doesnt fit. Maybe you could use the background from the game menu
Why can I copy the "heading link"? That appears if I hover over the Title and Subtitle on the webiste
You should remove the big black empty header bar or do something with it

Your trailer and gameplay videos on youtube are unlisted, if I go to your youtube profile, I cant see any content
The image quality of the trailer is not good and the trailer has borders
The font of the trailer text doesnt fit and is easy to overlook

1 year ago
Game Graphics Game Graphics

you should add a download link and screenshots so people can play the game ^^

7 months ago
Game Graphics Tutorial/Learning Curve

The game looks nice, great use of the polygon assetpack
I have no idea how to sell bread. There is no explanation how to make a good bread, I tried some different things but didnt sell a single bread in days. Please add a tutorial or some explanation on how to make a good recipe
Also, I tried to sell the bread at 0.1$ but it still was too expensive?

7 months ago