Gardas (working title not final)


Retro Shmup action in a game that is a love letter for shmups from the 80's and 90's

download and try the demo today!

Windows 10 x64 confirmed compatability, any windows x64 OS should be compatible

2 Player Co-op Mode is available!

When selecting single or two player modes you then are able to select what difficulty you want.  Difficulty modes are Normal, Loop 1, Loop 2 and Loop 3+.


BackNowhere 8 months ago

Game Graphics Story/Writing/Dialogue

Wow! Great work! I don't usually play this sort of game so I really sucked and had to use cheat engine to get through the first and second level. Then the first level repeats but harder? Is that correct?

I really like the level of polish Gardas has. Had some problem where switching to full screen would give me a black screen, then switching back to windowed mode, and then back to full screen fixed it.

What environment was this made in? if you don't mind me asking?

Great effort, great game, keep up the good work :)

Daniel Griffin

MidgardianDev 8 months ago

This was made using Gamemaker Studio 2, as for a black screen on full screen switching the only times I encounter that is during fullscreen changes while paused in game and as far as I can tell so far this is a result of how gamemaker works, this still shows the player hud.

Or was this a result of using the menu option at the title screen?

MidgardianDev 8 months ago

And yes as you loop through the game the difficulty increases.

40wattstudio 5 months ago

Mechanics Controls
Good little Gradius clone! The core gameplay is pretty solid. The default screen was really small but it was easy to just resize the window for a larger playing area. Also it wasn't very obvious what some of the controls were, especially for selecting upgrades (I pressed buttons on the keyboard until figuring out that it was the Shift key). Would have preferred to use the arrow keys instead of WASD.
Other than those small things it was a pretty good demo!
Roast Em