FORGE of Titans


Battle your friends with fearsome Mechs in a brand new RPG, with real-time, action-packed battles!

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Bug fixes and improvements.

- Alliance Wars are coming soon!
- New Pilots and Skills
- Improved Chat and Alliances


ZV_DW_K 6 years ago

Game Graphics Level Design
A few things i think should be worked further on:
- Level design: The levels are quite linnear, they seem boring and though they might be challenging, rushing straight forward, no matter how many rocks or turrents are in my way it just becomes boring.

- Replay value: I have not looked too much into this but ask yourself if the game have replay value. Why should i come back to play this game? Why is this different from everything else? What drives the player to come back.

- P2W: I dont know if this is something in your game but if you do concider to use a pay to win model, please dont. It is better to buy cosmetics than to upgrade characters to the point where its unfair towards others. Look at MOBAs and Path of Exile.

JB 6 years ago

Thanks for the input, and for taking the time - greatly appreciated!
If you have anything else in mind please shoot :)

There is a new update of the game, with plenty of new content and polish added to the game, have you seen?

OneManDev 1 month ago

great game loved it (partially because i love space)
Roast Em