Forest Trail


You and your friends were out playing in the woods, and something happened.   You're not quite sure what, dark clouds and mist came from the direction of the village, so you ran.

Running blindly through the dark forest, you realise that you are lost, and you're separated from your friends.

Forest Trail is a maze game where you have to navigate your person/people through the maze to the exit points.

Thanks to feedback we've received;
* Music now loops if you take a long time to finish a level
* Larger seletion area to select differnt people and an indicator to show the current selected person
* Updated UI and SFX elements
* Fixed graphics glitch that caused some trees to overlap

More Levels to be added as feedback comes in


fetss 4 weeks ago

Level Design
After playing through the game, Here are my opinion:
Things that need to be fixed:
- If you spend too much time on a level, the music just stops and never start up again.
- There is no button to exit a level or return from the level select screen to the main screen.
- The tree sprites sometimes get cut at the top.

Things that I think will improve the game:
- Stick to 1 font. I realize there are 2 fonts in the game, one for the UI and one for the instructions in the level.
- Have a indicator of when a character is selected on the character itself. the indicator on bottom left is too small and unintuitive.
- the sound effects and UI feels out of place from the sprites and the music.

nlh_games 3 weeks ago

Thank you, really appreciate the detailed feedback, all really good points.

I’ve noticed the cut off trees before, how to try and workout what’s going on.


nlh_games 2 weeks ago

Thank you again for your feedback, most of the issues you mentioned have been fixed in the latest release.
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