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A 2d arena sough like shooter where you survive, get upgrades, fight bosses and unlock new upgrades.

Level Design

After playing through the game, Here are my opinion:
Things that need to be fixed:
- If you spend too much time on a level, the music just stops and never start up again.
- There is no button to exit a level or return from the level select screen to the main screen.
- The tree sprites sometimes get cut at the top.

Things that I think will improve the game:
- Stick to 1 font. I realize there are 2 fonts in the game, one for the UI and one for the instructions in the level.
- Have a indicator of when a character is selected on the character itself. the indicator on bottom left is too small and unintuitive.
- the sound effects and UI feels out of place from the sprites and the music.

4 weeks ago

Thank you for the feedback.
Can you please specify where do you think the game needs more explanation so I can improve the tutorial.

2 weeks ago

Thank you for the feedback.
I will see what I can do.

1 week ago

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