Flip The Bird


What started as a play in words is now a rage game à la Getting Over It.

  Goal Your goal as the birb is to flip up and up and up to wherever this journey will take you. There's no real rhyme no reason here. Just you, your sanity and birb physics.

  Controls Swipe your finger across the screen to "flip" the bird in which case it flies in a direction, flapping its wings as if that actually helps it fly.   Features

  • Hand-drawn-like art style
  • Different objects with different mechanics
  • Checkpoints (if only they are helpful)
  • 6 Areas with a secret 7th Area
  • Simple controls which means you only have you, yourself, to blame
  • Reset Flags button if ever you need a thrill
  • Birb physics, the most important feature

Other Stuff
  • Version 0.0.08 only has the first 5 areas
  • Version 1.0.0 has all the features described but it's not free


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