Echo Away


Echo Away is a rythmic stealth game I've made during Global Game Jam 2017.
You're blind, and your only way to perceive what's around you is by emitting waves, but waves attract enemies...

Added fullscreen support.

None, it's complete.


UnknownEvil 6 years ago

Game Graphics Level Design
The game is pretty decent, the art is definitely neat, but I wouldn't consider it too, too rhythmic, there isn't much you can do with the rhythm to aid you. Levels are difficult to do, overall, decent.

DyingSilence 6 years ago

Thanks for your opinion!
This may be not traditionally rhytmic, but still, on some stages rythm is crucial, like when you have to calm the guards by hitting space when the time is right. Maybe if it wasn't a jam game i would do this better.

Orsailius 6 years ago

Game Graphics Physics
Interesting game!
The echo location mechanic is fun and the blue/red offset mixed with the beat is cool. The game is also simple (yet difficult) and there is next to no learning difficulty.
The visual red/blue thing did start to hurt my eyes though. I'm not exactly sure what you would do to fix that. Movement was annoying around corners. If you ran into a corner you abruptly stop moving. It feels like the corner should just slide along the circle pushing you outward so you can continue. I don't know if this was intentional as to be difficult, but it sucks. Also there are no settings for changing the volume, although that probably is not a priority in a game jam.

Michael 3 years ago

Tutorial/Learning Curve Physics
Interesting game...needs more work on the physics

thepowerlies 3 years ago

Game Graphics Physics
The idea is sound. Weird interaction between objects tho

theOilygoosestudio 3 years ago

Mechanics Mechanics
I like the Mechanic its pretty interesting having everything hidden and you reveal with a pulse kind of thing. More warning or a sound when the enemy is nearby would be great.
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