Dark Age: The Black Death


Name: Dark Age: The Black Death
Category: RPG, Story line, Treasure Hunt
Progress: 1st Stage Development
Estimate playing time: 1-3 hours

Hello my friends, thanks for looking at my game, I develop this game for fun, and wish to get some of yours opinion how to improve it.   The story background is in year 1348, in a small village of Scotland: Lochalsh, our story begin with a little girl Eby. 

She is living together with her mom, her father and 2 brothers was killed by a mystery plague, where people name it: The Black Death.

At the beginning of the story, she found her mom is missing, so your first mission is to help her to find her mom. 

After you found her mom, she will ask you to find Mr. Dan to learn some combat skill & leave the village. 

When you find Mr. Dan, he will ask for some training fees, so you may need to talk to people around the village to see if there is any way to make money... 

Go to find for an 'evil' guy name Schism, in fact he is the main way we can earn money in whole game, he will gives you some Lock Pin and teach you how to unlock Treasure Chest.

Of course we know stealing is wrong, but in that Dark Age, people do whatever to survive... Especially little girl like Eby, she has no choice but steal money to survive...

Search around houses in village to find all hidden Treasure Chest, unlock them to steal whatever inside, and sell to Schism, this is the easiest way to earn money in game (of course you still can go to fight at the map to earn money in harder way...) 

After you earned few thousand coins, go back to Mr. Dan for training, he has the most effective way to increase your level - Pay coins for EXP... Before you leave the village, he will also guide you how to fight...

Outside the village, you will face human enemies (stronger) on road, and animal enemies (weaker) in jungle. Defeat them to earn coins and EXP, sometimes they drop item as well.

Explore all villages and towns on map, unlock all hidden Treasure  Chest. You can find Schism in each village and town, he usually hide in corner...

You will need a Scotland Travel Pass to cross a river to Southern part of Scotland, you may 'buy' it from Thurso Mayor Mohaun... Or second option, help General Leven to defeat Mohaun and he will give you the pass for next mission.

After defeating your first Boss Mohaun, General Leven will ask you to deliver a message to Edinburgh, when you reach Edinburgh Castle, talk to guard of Castle, Lord Robeart will tell you Scotland in big trouble, England sent 3,000 over troops to invade Scotland, while Scotland only can gather 300 soldiers to fight against them...

So your next mission is go to camp in jungle to find General James, you will face lass boss in our first stage. After complete the battle, we will reward you an airship to fly across the whole Scotland, England, Wale & Ireland. However, these map still in progress of developing, so you can't access into them yet. 

We would happy if you can try few more times to unlock all hidden mission in our game, and give us some feedback on how we can improve the game play experience!

Feel free to comment below or email to us at


Ayush_Dutt1 2 weeks ago

Game Graphics
Good game.
Good work.
G3 Rule of mine..

shunyu1013 2 weeks ago

Thanks for your feedback!
Roast Em

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