Color Challenge


Color Challenge is the new game of Freakin Games in which you must follow the color patterns for destroy the obstacle but be careful and be fast because this is a speed game and if your color isn´t the same you will be destroyed, just a simple tap on the ball or on the screen for switch the color of the whole level.

Now Color Challenge features are:

-Made with Unity
-Shop Integrated in-Game
-Challenging and original gameplay
-More hard
-And a large etc.


TheRichCourt 3 months ago

Mechanics UI Graphics
Cool game :) I enjoyed playing this, and will keep it installed to play more.

The only thing I think I would change, is the buttons to switch colour - I think these would be better if the touch targets were bigger, as I did miss them a couple of times. You could do this without increasing the size of the images, but by making the padding around them clickable too. It would look the same, but the effect would be that the touch area is bigger, and the player's less likely to miss. This is a common thing to do when developing mobile apps, and just removes that minor annoyance of missing the target. Keep up the good work! :)

FreakinGames 3 months ago

Thanks for your feedback, initially the game was one color touch but, i mean there isn't any button just touch and change but i changed to this for increase the difficulty and make less repetitive but thanks for answer
Roast Em

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